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For Windows

Deskman requires Windows and a modern web browser. Check the system requirements.

Easy Setup

Run deskmansetup.exe to install. Deskman will be ready at http://localhost:2288

Version 7.0.6731.36411
Released: 9 June 2018
Key Features
  • Advanced desktop security, with taskbar, Start Menu, keyboard and mouse restrictions
  • Strong system policies, with options to block settings, drives and system tools
  • Web browser protection, blocking access to settings on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Edge
  • Application filter, able to block software installation and more
  • Web filter, able to allow only a list of domains and block everything else
  • Detailed activity log for auditing
  • Network sync, allowing automatic configuration on multiple installations
  • Ability to configure restrictions locally and from any point on the local network
  • Ability to enter maintenance mode locally and remotely
  • Easy to use, everything included
  • Low memory and cpu consumption
  • Developed and supported for 16+ years
System Requirements
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported
  • A modern web browser is required, like Firefox, Chrome or Edge
  • Deskman still works on IE11 and Windows XP
Check the documentation for details.


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Deskman includes full documentation. Check the FAQ to find answers to your questions, or contact us.


Deskman is not in the cloud — it's installed by the user. Check our privacy statement and the terms and conditions.

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